Erecting World's Most Magnificent Titanium alloy Sitting Buddha Statue

The Holy Land of The Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin

In Buddhist scriptures, the Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin is a bodhisattva at the thirteenth ground, equivalent to a Buddha, best known for his vow of benefitting all sentient beings even at the cost of his own existence. To honor his great compassion, the Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, Buddhist Forshang World Center • Da-Yuan Lecture Hall will work collaboratively with great joy to construct a world's largest sitting Buddha in the image of Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin. Please join us to celebrate Guanyin's dignified virtue and contribute what you can offer for this merits-imbued construction project.

The site of the sitting Buddha is located right behind the Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple. In the future there will be bodhi paths to connect with the Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, and a broader scheme of “Forshang World” will take shape, whereby all sentient beings will be blessed with fortunes and wisdom to eternity.

Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes Guanshiyin Bodhisattva Holy Pure Land-Construction

The Forshang Heritage, The Patriarchs' Vows
A Sanctuary Built to Last for Five Thousand Years

For the holy statue of Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin Bodhisattva, what we pursue is not merely erecting the highest titanium alloy sitting Buddha of the world, we are building a temple that draws acclaim and renown across the globe. Rather, what we seek is to construct a Holy Land with compassion as its longitude and time-transcendental affiliation with Buddha as its latitude – this is the true purpose of constructing a sanctuary.

── Lee Sun-Don, the 3rd Patriarch of Buddhist Forshang

Forshang 佛乘 (fosheng or Buddha yāna in Sanskrit) is a heritage that offers a complete set of supreme doctrines or dharmas to awaken one's innate Buddha nature (also referred to as huayan華嚴) and assist transforming one's physical existence into an immortal Buddha reality in this lifetime. The foremost and primary patriarch of Buddhist Forshang is Miao-Kong Bodhisattva, an incarnation of Dharma Body Buddha, also referred to as Da Zi Zai Wang Fo大自在王佛. In form of a holy ordained spiritual practitioner, Miao-Kong Bodhisattva made appearances in Yunan Province of southwestern China in early twentieth century where he delivered many miracles. His incarnation in this sahā world was for one purpose – to look for his successor and transmit the “Supreme Huayan • Forshang Dharma” to the ultimate one, namely the Yuan-Dao Bodhisattva. To open up the heritage of Buddhist Forshang for the five thousand years to come, Miao-Kong Patriarch instructed the 2nd Patriarch, Yuan-Dao Bodhisattva, to bring the Forshang Dharma to Taiwan and set up the foundation there, from where the Forshang Dharma will permeate throughout the world and even the entire universe.

Following the Primary Patriarch's instruction, the 2nd Patriarch Yuan-Dao Bodhisattva came to Taiwan in 1953 and began his calling of preaching Forshang Dharma. In 1988 he located his dharma heir – Master Lee Sun-Don – and appointed him as the 3rd Patriarch after a series of thorough examination and complete transmission of the Forshang heritage. Yuan-Dao Bodhisattva told his successor, the 3rd Patriarch Lee Sun-Don: “You have to build the Buddhist Forshang's Patriarch Temple and the Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin Holy Land….” He added, “Guanyin is also one of our patriarchs.”

To deliver the missions assigned by the 2nd Patriarch, Master Lee led his disciples to build the Patriarch Temple starting in 1997 and had it completed in 2000, a sanctuary named after the 2nd Patriarch, namely, the Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple. Next, in 2002, Master Lee initiated his plan of building the Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin Holy Land.

【Main Structure】 Nuclear-Class Earthquake-Proof Design

only morphologically symbolizing Guanyin's “a thousand hands” and “a thousand eyes,” but also becoming a “thousand-year Guanyin” that will stand erect for at least five thousand years. Therefore, all construction details – ranging from design to construction materials, structural safety, and architectonics – follow the highest standards and the most rigorous protocols. It will be a SRC building with high-scale earthquake-proof safety design equivalent to that of a nuclear power plant, with seismic capacity for a seven-magnitude earthquake.

To achieve such a seismic capacity, the entire building is constructed with 142 foundation piles rooted 60 meters deep under the ground, reaching down to solid bedrock so as to securely support the main structure. Moreover, being environmental-friendly, the entire foundation pile construction will proceed with methods that can best minimize the production of noise, vibration, and pollution.

【Environmental Planning】Green Building in Synergy with Nature

The site of the Holy Land of the Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin Bodhisattva spreads over hundreds of acres. To maintain its ecology, the overall architectural design will be geared toward the following nine targets: daily energy conservation, carbon dioxide reduction, greening, soil water retention, biological diversity, waste minimization, general waste disposal management, water utilization and a healthy interior environment. Acquiring a Green Building Label is its minimum standard.

The Holy Land is situated on hillsides, and as such environmental protection and conservation of soil and water become particularly crucial. For the sake of respecting lives, while preparing the soil in accord with its terrain features and typology, we will not conduct unnecessary digging or exploration but preserve its original landform. Moreover, we will plant trees to sustain a harmonious natural ecology. In addition, the drainage facilities, water detention pool, and settling basin will be constructed to halt soil depletion and flooding damage. Large-scale sewage treatment equipment will also be installed to process the waste water and prevent its pollution of the surrounding environment.

【Interior Design】 A Composite Dharma Field

1st Floor, Guanzizai Bodhi Hall

The entrance is set with a Water-Moon Guanyin sculptured into a very comfortable floating gesture to greet every visitor. The main hall is enshrined with the Da Zi Zai Wang Fo (the Dharma Body Buddha) and four great bodhisattvas, namely Guanyin (Avalokitêśvara), Wenshu (Manjusri), Dizang (Kṣitigarbha), and Puxian (Samantabhadra).

The central court is a rotunda about 25 meters diameter (a basketball court long) and 15 meters high (five stories tall), with no pillars in between to block the vision, revealing a bright and delightful transcending aura. The main hall's interior design and scale are both unprecedented in Taiwan.

2nd Floor, Art Gallery

To model after the Buddhist prime time art, Dunhuang grotto painting will be represented.

3rd Floor, Holy Relics Exhibition Hall

To manifest the great liberation power of Forshang Dharma, the “holy relics,” whether human or animal, taken from ashes cremated with Forshang Deliverance Rice will be exhibited here. In Buddhism, acquisition of “holy relics” (sarira in Sanskrit) is an emblem of being delivered to the shore of enlightenment.

4th Floor, Buddhist Lecture Hall

The lecture hall will accommodate ten thousands of people. It can also serve as a retreat center or dharma assembly site.

B1, Buddhist Culture Museum

The Museum will document, collect, preserve and display artifacts pertaining to Buddhist material culture or art creation in hopes of cultivating people's body, mind, and spirit.

B2, Art and Culture Platform

The Platform will hold cultural and artistic activities to promote aesthetics of “living Zen,” such as music concerts, performing art, go chess championships, and lectures on art and literature.

【Garden Landscaping】 Bright Mirror World, Sculpture Art

One Water, Thousand Hands; Thousand eyes, a Single Moon

The garden of the Holy Land will be designed into a “Bright Mirror World,” inspired from Master Lee's idea of “One body of water reflects a thousand hands; and a thousand eyes behold the single moon.” The clear and placid water is like a bright mirror that reflects the Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin Bodhisattva day and night. When the visitors step on the totemic flagstones to cross the water, it is as if riding the waves to reach the shore of enlightenment.

33 Guanyin in Titanium alloy Openwork, 18 Arhats in Han Jade

In the Bright Mirror World, there will stand 33 Guanyin statues in titanium alloy openwork along the pathways or by the pond. In addition, there will be bluestone sculptures in image of the 18 arhats (who are always tranquil as they refrain from human emotions) made by Taiwan's famous sculpture artist Hsu Tung-Rung.

【Creative Design】 World's Totemic Energy Sculpture

The titanium alloy statue of the Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin Bodhisattva will be designed by the 3rd Patriarch of Buddhist Forshang, Lee Sun-Don. Master Lee is not only a Buddhist Master; he is also a world-famous contemporary artist renowned for his pioneer creation of “Totemic Energy Art.” Along with winning more than 150 recognitions in the international juried art competitions within three or four years, he had been invited to exhibit in the Venice Biennale in 2009. His creative idea will make the sitting titanium alloy Buddha becoming the world's Totemic Energy Sculpture.

Buddha Body: Manifesting Both Aesthetics and Utility

The body of the Buddha statue will be made of titanium alloy, with its vestment decorated with totemic openwork. While challenging the craftsmanship, the totemic openwork facilitates air circulation, brings natural light into the interior during the daytime, and throws light onto the outside during the nighttime. It is not only a work of art; it is also like an illuminating glory lamp of the universe.

Buddha Hands: Inconceivable Dharma Treasures and “Perfect Thousand-Hand Lotus Base”

The image of the Guanyin's thousand hands will be represented by 36 great arms, each holding a dharma treasure, such as the Diamond Bowl (for converging all wealth), Wish-Fulfilling Arrow (for converging all helpers and benefactors), Wish-Fulfilling Moon (for begetting inexhaustible benefits), Dharma-Nature Mirror (for corresponding with Buddha's mind seal), and so on. The Thousand-Hand-and-Thousand-Eye Guanyin Bodhisattva will sit upon the “Perfect Thousand-Hand Lotus Base” designed by Master Lee, a lotus base signifying Buddha's blessings to all sentient beings.

Foundation: Ten Unlimited Minds

The foundation of the first floor of the sitting Buddha will be made of granite that signifies the essence of naturalness and fortitude, and structured in decagon that symbolizes a Buddha's Ten Unlimited Minds.

Construction Progress

【Conservation of Water and Soil】

For the sake of respecting lives, while preparing the soil in accord with its terrain features and typology, we will not conduct unnecessary digging or exploration but preserve its original landform. Large-scale sewage treatment equipment is installed to process the waste water and prevent its pollution of the surrounding environment.
To halt soil depletion, drainage facilities are implemented and greens planted. Water detention pool and settling basin are constructed to minimize the flooding damage.

【Foundation Pile Construction】

To be equipped with a seismic capacity equivalent to that of a nuclear power plant, the entire building is constructed with 142 foundation piles so as to support the main structure. All foundation piles are rooted 60 meters deep under the ground, reaching down to the solid bedrock.
Sixty meters long steel reinforcement cage is divided into four sections, which are subsequently placed within the foundation pillars. The tremie process of filling concrete.

Donation for building Temples and Stupas, Unlimited Virtue and Merits

Neither be harmed by poisons, nor die an unnatural death. You will ultimately entertain an invincible body, away from all ghosts, resentments, and illness, but be fond of by every sentient being. All karmas and impediments accumulated in previous lifetimes will be cleansed. If a woman desires to bear a son, she will give birth to a boy of bravery, fortune, and wisdom. This person will also be constantly guarded by four great celestial kings. All these are virtue and merits of building temples and stupas.
──Buddha's Preachment on Building Stupa for Long Life

In time when one comes to see countless Buddhas, he will attain the unsurpassed way, and with which he delivers salvation to countless multitudes.... If one enters a temple or stupa and hail to the Buddhas, then one has attained the Buddha way.
──The Lotus Sutra

The power of virtues of purifying Buddha land will lead one away from all evilness and difficulties…. With the power of all virtues, one develops and perfects the pure lands of all Buddhas; one will also enjoy unlimited merits and sublime manifestations in one's appearance, speech, and mind.
──Huayan Scripture • Clarifying Methods

Get away from horror and intimidation but enjoy a peace of mind and material happiness. The bed one sleeps on is the softest, and the clothes worn are clean and fragrant.
──To Distinguish the Recompense for Good and Evil Acts

If those good men and good women get to see a Buddha image…, and they come to worship and give alms, then they will be rewarded with countless merits, enjoying supreme blessing and bliss whether in this world or in the celestial realm. If they can forward their enjoyed merits to the dharma universe, the fortunes and benefits they will receive are even beyond comparison.
──Sutra on the Past Vows of Dizang Bodhisattva

In the future, if there are good men and good women come across the establishment of a Buddhist temple or tower…, and they get to donate and give alms, to worship and acclaim…, then such persons will be born as a king for thirty-three lifetimes.
──Sutra on the Past Vows of Dizang Bodhisattva


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